Torture, I tell you.

2016-05-26 12:24:17 by AlexBeefgnaw

  • Decide at the beginning of day job busy season that I am going to spend my bonus on a fancy display tablet this year (not a Cintiq because I don't get that much bonus, but an Ugee was totally in range)
  • Get the bonus. Order the thing.
  • Thing arrives yesterday, which happened to be my birthday. Hells yes.
  • ...except I couldn't do shit with it at work and would have to wait until I got it home.
  • ffffff
  • okay, fine. Get thing home. Unbox thing. Thing includes a screen protector that comes in a big envelope with lots of primo Engrish on it. Laugh.
  • Great, let's hook the thing up and... shit, the pens are rechargeable. Which means they have to charge before I can use them.
  • ffffffffffffffffffff
  • Put a pen on the charger. go to bed.
  • Wake up at butt o'clock in the morning ready to hook thing up and start drawing some shit on it.
  • Thing has both DVI and VGA ports on it, which is great. 
  • ...except it only comes with a VGA cable and my video card only has HDMI and DVI ports.
  • And I have no adapters.
  • FUCK
  • Briefly consider running to Wal-Mart at butt-thirty in the morning for cable or adapter.
  • Decide nothing is worth running to a smallish-town-Texas Wal-Mart at butt-thirty in the morning for, not even the precious cable to make my tablet go. Besides, by the time I get back and get it hooked up, I'd have to start getting ready for work.
  • Fart around on intarwebs until time to go to work
  • Go to bank
  • Go to Office Max
  • Get cable
  • Go to work
  • Hope to God I can get out of here at a reasonable hour tonight so I can FINALLY ENJOY MY DAMN PRESENT


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